Open-source single-/multiplayer online game for competitive wikiracing


What is wikiracing

Wikiracing is a game using the Wikipedia online encyclopedia which focuses on traversing links from one page to another. Read more

Project features

This website is a first year educational project for AMI at HSE SPb. More information available on the Github page.

Asynchronous websockets

Data exchange with server during the game is fulfilled via asynchronous websockets. This allows for seamless multiplayer game process and doesn't require inefficient and complicated poll requests.


This project uses Postgresql database for main data storage and Redis database for storing short-term websocket information. Both these databases are both managed by Heroku platform and allow for automatic scaling.

Auto-deploy and CI/CD

Deployment and CI/CD is fulfilled via Heroku platform. It makes possible to create simple but flexible pipeline for this project.


Wikirace can be played not only in singleplayer, it's multiplayer-ready as well. Play with all your friends. Who solves wikirace the fastest, gets more points!